Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Emery's new "Pinterest" in painting!

Ever since I have found pinterest.com, I have fallen IN LOVE with it! I have gotten so many recipe, craft, DIY, & gift ideas from it! I feel like it was made for people like me :)

So, one of the really cool ideas I found was for Emery. I was looking for kid toys, crafts, games, etc. ideas and wanted to see what I could find.

I found this...which I think is a super genius idea!
I was having fun with it myself!

Play with paint in large and small baggies!!!! No mess, but tons of fun! I used all different kinds of paint brushes and items that made neat shapes.

Put any colors together and there ya go!

Click HERE for the original blog site. Its towards the bottom! There are a few other ideas  too :)

I thought this was so great :) Thank you, creative moms who give us moms your ideas!

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